The Under-Rateds: Pianist

The pianist is sometimes the forgotten 5th-wheel of a group. In these economic times, a number of groups either don’t have a pianist, or they have one that doubles as a vocalist as well. When it comes to Southern Gospel pianists, Jeff Stice is arguably the most popular and well-known. However, here’s a younger pianist that is becoming more popular at a young age.

Trey Ivey, Legacy Five: Even at just 22 years old, Trey is no newcomer to Southern Gospel music. His first SG gig was with Mike LeFevre Quartet, beginning in 2006 at the age of 17. He also played for The Old Paths before joining Legacy Five.

Here’s a great clip where Trey shows of his appreciation for both southern gospel and classical music.

BONUS: This song is actually off of the Jubilee 3 project, but Legacy Five is doing it in their own concerts as well. Check out the second verse!

It looks like Trey doesn’t feel comfortable as a vocalist, but I think he has the voice, and his verse was delivered very well. We might have another Roger Bennett on our hands!


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