Saturday Selections: December 1, 2012

New series I’m starting today. Saturday Selections will be a compilations of some of my favorite videos of the week that may not have been big enough for a stand-alone post, or ones I simply didn’t get posted. Here we go:

1. The Garms Family interviews the legendary Daniel J. Mount

I know this was over a week ago, but I just never got around to posting it. I’m extremely jealous that they got this insider access.

2. The Collingsworth Family sings At Calvary

Its an old song…that never gets old! The Collingsworth Family might be the best in our genre at taking old hymns and songs and making them sound fresh without eliminating any of the song’s integrity. This version gives me chills!

3. Ian Owens with Soul’d Out Quartet

Footage has been circulating over the past couple weeks of Soul’d Out Quartet with their new bass Ian Owens. Since I haven’t shared any here yet, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. Here he is introduced by Matt Rankin, (who said he “wasn’t expecting [Ian] to be this good”) singing The Old Rugged Cross.

4. “Uncle” Pat’s Biggest Fan

File this one under the cuteness category. Here are two videos of Pat Barker’s nephew listening to his favorite song sung by his favorite group. The first video he’s listening to a CD, in the second video he is at a concert. I absolutely love seeing little kids who grow up on this music!


5. The Latest Southern Gospel Concept Video

Brian Free & Assurance is the latest to jump into the music video scene, and this might be my favorite one yet! Here’s BFA and their music video of I Want To Be That Man, along with a video of behind-the-scenes footage.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Selections: December 1, 2012

  1. Hey Josh, nice idea! Hey, one thought though, you might want to change the embeds to hyperlinks so the page will load more quickly.

    I got your message about the feed working again for you. Glad you can interact with my blog comments more easily! I felt bad that you felt you couldn’t leave thoughts because the conversations left you behind. Hope to see you around more.

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