Saturday Selections: December 8th

Saturday came so fast this week that I forgot to put a thread up. Here we go.

1. Josh Horrell of Declaration Trio

2. A Duel of the Basses

I love it when two singers have a sing-off, and that’s exactly what happens in this clip. L5 and Greater Vision were in concert together. Matt Fouch dueled in this clip with 17-year old Avery Wolfe (Gerald’s son).

All I know is, I hope Caleb Garms is reading this and learns this song so he and Matt can have a sing-off the next time Legacy Five is in Minnesota. Ha!

Now for some Christmas selections…

3. Collingsworth Family DVD Preview

4. Riley Harrison Clark sings “Mary Did You Know”

Riley is one of my favorite young tenors. The pacing and vocal control in this video is strong throughout.

5. Mark Trammell


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