Saturday Selections – January 5th

Wow, has it really been almost a month since my last post?! My apologies…

Without further ado, here are my Saturday Selections for this week.

1. Remember the Music

Lynn has been one of my go-to’s lately for fresh YouTube videos. Here’s another great one, taped at the Great Smokies Praisefest. It features in my opinion the best tenor today, the best baritone all-time, the best bass today, and the lead from one of the best groups on the road today.

2. Wedding Music

This was from the New Year’s Singing that MTQ and GV did together on 12/29. I believe the lineup is Allman, Trammell, Trammell, Barker.

3. Soul’d Out

If Soul’d Out keeps pulling out material like this, look out!

4. Dan Keeton

With the announcement of Keeton’s resignation from Gold City, I thought it pertinent to highlight Keeton in one of his final performances. Here he and Gold City share the stage with a young group from Georgia called Appointed Quartet at a New Year’s Eve concert.

5. Simply the Best

This is an old video, but I just came across it recently. With 3 of the videos so far being Cathedrals’ songs, I thought it was fitting to end this post with the legendary quartet. This is from 1991, and George is just showing off here…

Hope you enjoyed my first Saturday Selections of 2013!


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