Saturday Selections – February 2

Once again, I apologize for the near-month that has passed between posts. It really wasn’t my intent.

1. Scars in the Hands

A recent EHSS concert was broadcasted live online. This is one of the songs from that night, one that I just can’t get enough of. Even though its only been just over three months since his debut, you can already tell he’s gotten more comfortable with the guys.

2. Back in the Old Days

With the recent discussions that have taken place on other blogs regarding live vs. canned music, I thought this video was fitting because of how Scott introduces the first song. Then they follow it up it a canned song.

3. A Surprise From Ed

Found this video from a recent Dixie Melody Boys concert. Watch until the end and you’ll see something I’m guessing you didn’t expect.

4. Classic Comedy

This video has already made the rounds, but in case you either missed it or forgot to bookmark it, here it is again. Its a classic clip from Perfect Heart doing a vocal lineup switcharoo on the song Just a Little Talk With Jesus.

5. Pianos at Sea

I wanted to leave you with another light moment. This 8 minute clip features some hilarious banter between Landon Beene, Tim Lovelace, and Gerald Wolfe. Gets me excited for Gerald to co-host Parade of Pianos at NQC 2013!


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