Saturday Selections – February 16

Here are my Saturday Selections for February 16

1. Mark’s Grand Entrance

Mark Lowry has been recovering from a recent surgery. However, he made an appearance when the Vocal Band was in Texas, his home state. Here he is making his grand entrance!

2. Barry Rowland and Deliverance – Loving the Lamb:

3. Video Archives: Poet Voices

Here’s a familiar group with a familiar face singing a familiar song using a familiar track. Is it all familiar?

4. Fit to a T: Michael Booth

This video is from the Harmony Honors. Michael Booth takes the lead on Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet, a song that fits his voice perfectly.

5. Encore! Encore!

One of the funnier times from the NQC webcast last September was the reactions to the Booth Brothers singing Played in the Band, and the number of encores there were. Bill Gaither invited them to the Vocal Band’s newest DVD taping. Just wait until you see how many encores there were…


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