Saturday Selections – April 6

Here are my Saturday Selections for April 6:

1. FCC Easter Service

The first clip is taken from the Easter service at Fayetteville (NC) Community Church, where Wesley Pritchard is pastoring. The little one is Wesley’s grandson.

2. The Isaacs

This second clip is also from FCC, but this time from a recent concert by the Isaacs. This song is heavy on the instrumental side, and includes new drummer Zak Shumate.

3. Piano Solo

Last month, Tribute Quartet was on their annual west coast tour. This clip of a Josh Singletary piano solo was captured in Portland, Oregon.

4. Five Men Around the Piano

Ernie Haase & Signature released their new project earlier this week. Here is a clip of them practicing one of their new songs.

5. The Perrys, Minus Two

This clip is from a recent Perrys concert. Very appropriate for what Tracy and Libbi have been fighting through these past few months.


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