Christmas music: a capella style

Yes, I realize that November 14 may seem too early in the year to listen to Christmas music. But as I type this post, it is 9 degrees outside with a couple of inches of snow on the ground, so that’s part of why I’m in the Christmas mood.

Another reason is the fact that this is the time that new Christmas music starts hitting store shelves and videos start hitting Youtube, so I’m going to highlight a couple of these videos.

Now I know that I’ve usually dedicated this as a southern gospel site, but let me deviate from that for this post. Whether or not you want to want to listen to these non-SG groups is up to you. Me personally, I feel these videos  embody a few things that make SG music so great: harmonies and great basses. If these aren’t your style, feel free not to watch.

The first video I want to highlight comes from a group based right here in Minnesota: Home Free. They are a country a capella group that I have gotten a chance to see live in concert once, and it was amazing. Here, they actually combine their talents with violinist Taylor Davis on a rendition of “Silent Night.”

That performance is on their brand new Christmas CD, with that violin performance being the only time an instrument was used throughout the project.

The next video I will highlight is another a capella group, singing Mark Lowry’s song “Mary Did You Know.” This video was actually shared on Facebook by Mark himself.

Which song did you like better?


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