Hello! My name is Josh, and I am an avid fan of Southern Gospel music. Being from Minnesota, I do not have as much access to groups and artists as other SG bloggers do, so I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos of some of my favorite artists. This blog was created as a way to express my opinions about the happenings of Southern Gospel music, and to tell people about how I feel about what I watch on YouTube and read from other sources. Hopefully you’ll come back again for more Southern Gospel tidbits from this ol’ Minnesotan.


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  1. Josh, this is Heidi from Music for the Master. We hosted Guy Penrod in Concert at Benson Great Hall in May. Hope you were able to attend! Our Web site (www.musicforthemaster.com) is now and has been for some time finished and fully functional, and our goal is to try and keep our followers abreast of all the “national” southern gospel gigs going on in the state. We have listed some of the Minnesota groups and have added their concerts to our calendar (probably out of date by a couple weeks, but still — through December). As far as national groups, Music for the Master is hosting The Booth Brothers in Concert on March 16, 2013, at Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington. Also, we have received word that the Gaither Vocal Band is return in April to the Orpheum. We’re still waiting on more details regarding this. We are acquainted with another promoter that is on the cusp of booking the Hoppers for September 2013, and we, also, are on the cusp of re-booking Guy Penrod for September, as well. I invite you to check out our Web site and sign up for our emails so you can keep abreast of goings-on. If there’s any way we can partner with you to ensure we have all the information on Southern Gospel artists coming to Minnesota, we welcome your help! We cannot know all of this by osmosis! LOL! But our goal is to try and get information on southern/country gospel concerts coming to our state to southern gospel officianados, such as yourself, across the state. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at heidi@musicforthemaster.com –Heidi

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