Saturday/Sunday Nights in Lakeland

These have been going on for a while now, but wanted to remind people of the concerts that take place at Lake Gibson Church in Lakeland, FL, every weekend.

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Concert Announcement: Mark Trammell Quartet (Online)

Received this in an email from the American Society of Gospel Music:

Mark Trammell Quartet Live Concert
May 21st at 7 pm eastern

The Mark Trammell Quartet believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God. If you like singing and preaching that stirs the soul, makes you smile, and honors Christ, then this is a must attend event for you and your family! Sit back, relax, and join us for this lively LIVE CONCERT broadcast live from “The Rock” a vibrant church in Plaistow, NH.

ASGM Members $7.50, non-members $15.00

You can register and pay for the event here. The link to register is on the left under “Event Details.”

Concert Review – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (3/17, Sioux Falls)

As I rolled into the parking lot of O’Gorman High School in Sioux Falls, I knew it was going to be a good night because the parking lot was full of cars. I got into the auditorium about 20 minutes before the scheduled start time, and there might’ve been 20 or 30 empty seats in the theatre (cap. ~950). (By the time the concert started, they had to put up around 15-20 folding chairs because they overbooked the place!)

If you follow the stage to the left, they set up folding chairs along the wall by the double doors on each side.

I finally found a seat in the side arm of the balcony, second row. I was next to two young couples in my row, with their six kids sitting together in the row in front (oldest of them probably in middle school). Probably 70-80% of the remainder of the auditorium was of the gray-haired variety, so I wondered how well the guys would be received.

Devin came out to do the pre-show product special. Before announcing the special he told everybody about why he is in a sling, saying that he would never argue with his wife again (don’t worry, Ernie told everyone the real reason later in the concert).

After a couple more minutes, the guys came out and opened with the song “Singing in the Midnight Hour”.

I know that last time I was at a concert I took videos, but I decided against that because it takes away from the concert experience for me. Plus, there are enough videos already posted to YouTube from their recent concerts. So that’s where the videos in this review came from. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the music for once and also tried to people-watch for reactions.

A majority of the first half of the concert came from the brand-new “Here We Are Again” album, which I reviewed here. The first standing ovation of the night came after “Walk With Me,” which they finished without their microphones, much like this .

After a fairly long intermission, and Doug Anderson singing “Dreamin’ Wide Awake” and “Jesus Is Holding My Hand,” they sang a bunch of songs that had been requested. Among them were “Step Into the Water,” Can He, Could He, Would He,” and of course “Get Away, Jordan.” Even after the guys were done with the song and a joke about Ian’s Right Guard taking a left turn, the audience was still standing, so they sang the chorus through one more time. That one, I wasn’t expecting! They also sang “Yesterday,” which they said they hadn’t staged in awhile, but were messing around with it at sound check that afternoon. They added a new lick at the end that was unbelievable!

Ernvis was in rare form, and the crowd gave “Can’t Help Falling In Love” a very warm reception. The kids in front of me didn’t enjoy it quite as much as their parents were next to me. After a few more songs, the guys closed the concert with songs like “You Are Welcome Here,” “His Name Is Wonderful,” “Oh, What a Savior,” and “Boundless Love.”

By the time I stepped outside it was 8:55. The concert started at 6:00. Yes, it was almost 3 hours of a concert experience I will not forget for a long time! I bought their new table project DVD “This is Ernie Haase & Signature Sound,” and it is great! Be looking out for a review of the DVD in the hopefully near future.

Here’s another nugget for my Minnesota readers. I overheard Ernie talking to someone during the intermission, and he said that they recently booked a concert for the Twin Cities (it’s not on the website yet, so hopefully its okay that I announced it).

I’ve had people tell me before that $20 is too much to see a gospel concert. But my friends, its a $20 well-spent! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even see Ernvis!

Product Pitch Humor

My favorite Youtube videos to watch from SG concerts are those that show groups NOT singing. On-stage banter is probably my favorite part of the concert experience.

Ivan Parker and Brian Free are no strangers to sharing the stage together, having spent time together in the 1980s with Gold City. In this funny clip, they help each other out as they each do their product pitches just before intermission of a recent concert.

Anyone have a favorite segment?

Concert Announcement: Grand Forks Gospel Sing (July 16)

I do not have a lot of details on this year’s event, but I do know that it will once again be held at the Chester Fritz Auditorium on Saturday, July 16, from 9 am ’til 6 pm. This is the fifth year running for the day-long free-will offering event that features some of the region’s gospel groups

Once again, one of the biggest names headlining the event is the Todd Allen Family, based out of Branson, Missouri (but technically live on their bus 24/7/365). Todd and his wife Michelle have eight children. Their oldest son Caleb was a first-place finisher at the NQC Talent Search in 2000. Todd and the three oldest sons made an appearance on the NQC mainstage last September.

Also appearing at the 5th Annual GFGS will be Master’s Call Quartet, based out of Fosston, Minnesota. This will be their third time singing at the event. Another regional quartet  performing will be The Overtones Quartet, based out of Roseau, Minnesota.

For more details on the setup of the event, here is a writeup from last year’s event.

If you are in the area and have some free time, come support these regional groups at this fine event. I plan to be there at least part of the time, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot some video highlights from the day. Maybe one day in the future we can get The Garms Family booked…

Concert Announcement: Master’s Call Quartet

Master’s Call quartet of Fosston, MN will be in concert on April 3rd at 6 PM at Bethel Assembly Church in Fosston. A free-will offering will be taken. They will be singing a variety of music, mostly southern gospel, with a couple of newly written songs and also sharing about a project they are endeavoring to pursue. You will be encouraged in the Lord. Refreshments to follow. All are welcome to attend!

I know my usual readership is likely unable to attend, but posting this in case someone new finds this and is able to go. Since I call myself a “Minnesota SG Fan,” I figured I should promote more Minnesota groups and events.

Here is footage from the summer of 2008:

Doug Anderson Announces Debut Solo Concert

Don’t have much time to go into my own detailed analysis, but a post like this doesn’t need much analyzing anyways.

From Doug Anderson’s Facebook:

I am excited to announce with the blessing of Ernie Haase, Wayne Haun, and Stow Town Records that my debut solo concert will be on April 30th at Lapel High School in Lapel IN. It is my home town and it’s where everything started for me. Tickets will be $20 for Artist Circle $10 for General Admission, and will go on sale March 1st. Stay tuned on where to get tickets. Hope to see you all there.

Should be good! It’s too bad I live about 750 miles from Lapel, or I’d definitely be there…

Legacy Five Webcast

This will be a quick post. I had then opportunity to watch the webcast of the Legacy Five concert that took place last weekend down in Florida. It was definitely a new experience. This was my first time watching a concert webcast. I also believe this is the first solo concert I’ve “attended” that wasn’t EHSS.

I started out like I was going to do a full song-by-song review. However I didn’t have the energy then nor have the time now to do that. So I will share some comments:


-Glenn Dustin may be the best bass singer in southern gospel music today. He may not get the lowest, but he just is one of the better sounding basses out on the road. I wish he wouldn’t move around and swap back and forth so much when he sings (especially on We Shall See Jesus), but I can live with that.

-Similarly, Tim Parton is probably the best pianist on the road. I had no idea how good he is. I also like how he provides some vocals, when needed.


I thought I had more to share, but it slipped my mind, so I’ll leave you with this. I’m grateful that Legacy 5 treats these concerts more as church than as a performance. Everything seems to always point back to Christ in their concerts. I absolutely love how Scott can get a little preachy. I sometimes wish more southern gospel artists had that in them. Sure its important for the groups to do these concerts as a form of income, but whats more important is the “income” of the kingdom at these concerts. How many souls are being touched.


I’ve heard it said many times in regards to a certain other group. “Are you entertaining or ministering?” The answer can be both, but in no way should a group’s answer be entertaining, but not witnessing. If that’s the case, maybe they should consider coming off the road. The earthly reward of traveling and singing is probably not much when you compare to other professions. However, what’s important is the heavenly reward, for those on stage and for those who are hearing the Gospel message through song..

EHSS Kicks Off Christmas Tour

EHSS out on the road for the opening weekend of their Christmas tour. One of the stops they made was Friday night in Atlanta, GA. YouTube user jeniboo captured some high-quality videos of the night.

One of my favorite EHSS Christmas songs is “Tonight”

This next song is one I haven’t heard much. “Who Do You Think” features Tim, and has some pretty nice harmonies. Songs like this are what really show off the EHSS blend.

When they took a break from their Christmas songs, they sang one of the best renditions of “I Pledge My Allegiance” I’ve ever heard. During the final verse, Ernie hit one of the best notes I’ve ever seen from him.

If they are in your area, I strongly suggest that you consider attending. You won’t be disappointed!