EHSS Television Appearance

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound appeared on a Cleveland, OH, television station this morning. The 8-minute segment started with an interview with Haase. The group then performed “That’s How Rhythm Was Born” off their new “Influenced” Album.


EHSS Schedules Cathedrals Tribute Taping

It was almost a year ago that Ernie Haase & Signature Sound were planning to tape a Cathedrals’ Tribute project. However, that taping was later put on hold because they felt it was too soon after their latest projects in the works.

However, I have been told that EHSS has announced at recent concerts that they are planning to do that Cathedrals’ Tribute in the middle of July in Nashville. That date has not been listed yet on their website’s schedule page, as they are likely still ironing out the details.

As for songs that they have been singing at concerts in preparation, here are a few that may be included. Since they started preparing for the project before the lineup change this December, there are some with Ryan Seaton as lead, and some where the lead is Devin McGlamery.

With Ryan:
Can He, Could He, Would He –
This Old House –
Wonderful Grace of Jesus –
I’m Gonna Live Forever –

With Devin:
Life Will Be Sweeter Someday –
Old Convention Song –
Step Into the Water –
I Thirst –

I’m sure that Ernie and the rest of the guys will not disappoint us. We all know the love Ernie had for George and Glen, so you can be sure that he will do his best to make them proud.

There will likely be more details on the taping in the future. But for now, I wanted to at least get the information out there.

Devin McGlamery with EHSS

I just realized that I haven’t posted any videos yet of EHSS with Devin. So here it goes:

Here, Devin has a solo verse on one of the more popular EHSS songs, “Then Came the Morning”:

While Ryan is definitely missed, I think it is safe to say that there has not been much of a drop-off.. Devin is the real deal, folks!

Don’t Just Sing the Words, Think About Them

“I think about every word that comes out, and that makes a difference in what I do today.” –Michael English

That was a quote from this interview Russ Taff did with Michael English this past December. I just recently found this interview, and just had to post it here.

To me, this is the biggest change in the Vocal Band members from when each one was last with the group. Especially Michael. It is obvious that that the group members think about and mean every word that comes out of their mouth. They aren’t just singing the words to the song anymore. They add so much meaning to what they are singing that you cannot help but feel the Spirit moving.

Its no longer about the individual members and how they each are performing individually. It is about letting the Spirit move, and how they are as a group. It looks like they’ve built some solid camaraderie with one another.

The GVB is BACK!!!!

If there was any doubt to begin with, its gone now. The Gaither Vocal Band is BACK! I say this after getting my “Reunited” and “Better Day” DVDs in the mail. I’ve already uploaded many of the videos to my YouTube page.

It is so difficult for me to choose one song that is my favorite of all. They all are so great! The coolest thing is that each song seems to have a moment or two that sticks out, parts to remember that song by.

That’s really what its all about. The singers can be as talented as ever, but its the message that matters, not the messenger.

More On Seaton Departure

First of all, I wanted to tell you that Ryan Seaton was interviewed this morning on Joy FM’s morning show, “The Morning JoyRide with Daniel, Candi, & Melody.” Here is the mp3 link to that live interview:

Second, I thought I’d post a few more clips of Devin singing with KPNR. These songs both feature Devin. First is the song “Look What the Lord has done

The more I watch clips of Devin, the more confident I am that this will be a smooth transition. He’s got the look, he’s got the voice, and he’s got the EHSS stage presence down… It may be awkward early on for some people who grew attached to Ryan, but I think people will quickly become attached to Devin too.

Changes for EHSS

Like many of you have already heard from many of my fellow SG bloggers, EHSS is undergoing some changes. I first found out the news when Ernie posted a link on Facebook, asking me to “Read about changes for EHSS.” By the tone of that phrase, I knew it was something serious, likely being a personnel change.

I am saddened to find out about Ryan Seaton’s departure from the group. He really evolved into a new person over these past years. From his debut of sorts, singing “Going Home” on the Stand by Me Live DVD…..

He’s got the hair thing down too!

Finally, I want to close by saying this. Changes will happen to the members of’s bound to happen, just like it did a few years ago when Roy Webb left. But no matter what, no matter who comes or goes, there is one thing that will never change. That is the message being spread by EHSS through their amazing God-filled ministry.

God Bless Ryan Seaton and EHSS in each of their future endeavors!

Upcoming CD Releases

There are two prominent CD releases coming this fall. Both are also currently available for pre-order.

These two CDs are:

“Reunited” (Gaither Vocal Band)
“Every Light That Shines At Christmas” (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

“Reunited” also is available for digital download. If you are the type that listens to your CDS mostly on your computer (like me), then this is for you. Plus its immediate, without needing to wait another month for it.

From the early clips I’ve heard of “Reunited”, it is well worth the money. It is these ballads that the new group has sung at most of their beginning concerts. So if you’ve heard them already live and love the group, this CD is for you.

Onto “Every Light”, I am also excited for this project. From what I’ve heard already, it will be another job well done by EHSS. They’ve also posted a promo/preview of the project on their official Youtube page.

“Changed By a Baby Boy” looks like its going to be one of my early favorites. They also have classics like “Silent Night”, “What Child is This”, and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman”, as well as a cover of the Oak Ridge Boys’ song “Thank God For Kids”. In anticipation of the CD release, EHSS has unveiled a new website design. Check it out!

Revisiting “The Fall” by Ernie Haase

With EHSS recently posting that video of Tim slipping on “Get Away, Jordan,” I thought it would be appropriate to bring back the original slip-up, as executed by Ernie Haase. Is it fair to compare the two? I thought Ernie’s was not only the more funny of the two, but it was probably the more painful of the two, as well.


Welcome to My Blog

Hello all,

My name is Josh, and I am one of the newest members on the Southern Gospel Blogging scene. As you probably noticed already from the name of my blog, I hail from the great state of Minnesota. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t exactly say that SG music is extremely popular in these parts of the country.

I am hoping to provide a little fresh blood to the SG blogosphere. I don’t make it to many concerts. I am not a big CD purchaser (although I have many a Gaither DVD). So one of the only things left to cover is what is available to me on a college student’s budget: Youtube. I will provide links to clips I have found interesting, and hopefully we can get some good discussions going here. I look forward to hearing from some of you.

Thank you for your time in visiting my blog. I hope you weren’t disappointed.