Paul Harkey’s EHSS Debut

I know I’m almost a week late, but we finally have some quality footage from Paul Harkey in his debut concert with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.

This video includes segments of I’m Gonna Live Forever, Scars in the Hands of Jesus (Harkey feature), Walk With Me, The Old Rugged Cross (Harkey feature), Life Will Be Sweeter Someday, and Everytime.

Well, we know he’s a great fit vocally, now he just needs to get the choreography down!


YouTube Gems #34: Glory Road

I said in my last post that I thought it was my first time hearing Ernie Haase sing Glory Road, but now I’ve found two more.

The first actually doesn’t feature Ernie that much, but it does have him in there halfway through the video. You’ll enjoy the first part too, even though picture quality isn’t the greatest.

The second was brought to my attention by YG in the comments of the previous post, but here it is for everyone to enjoy.

Both videos bring back a lot of memories! Funny how he only sings this song once every 10-12 years!

Changes for EHSS

This one was a stunner. Nobody saw this coming, especially me. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I read the news from Ernie: Ian Owens Resigns From EHSS. Like I said, an absolute stunner. It took about an hour for the news to really sink in. But finally, I got past the initial shock, and looked closer at the man who Ernie announced would be his replacement.

The new guy is Paul Harkey. He is 32 years old, and originally from Texas. His path to EHSS started in 2007 when he got his first full-time singing job with Crystal River. Later that year, he joined the Anchormen Quartet, who he sang with until about six weeks ago when he joined the LeFevre Quartet. Yesterday, the announcement came that he is joining EHSS.

Ian Owens will sing with EHSS the next two weekends, and his last concert appears to be Oct. 13th in Sunnyvale, TX. Harkey’s first concert looks to be Oct. 18th in Elizabethtown, NC. That is also the weekend of GaitherFest in Myrtle Beach, SC, which EHSS will be a part of for one day.

Now it comes to the video portion of this post. As I was doing my research on Harkey, I found some different clips of him doing songs that EHSS has also recorded. I thought it might give us a feel for the type of sound we can expect.

The first clip is from 2010, when he sang with the Anchormen. The audio quality isn’t the greatest, but you can get an idea of how he sounds on a song like He Made a Change:

Fast-forward to a little under a year ago for a glimpse of how he sounds on Happy Rhythm:

Our last posted video comes from just the last week. Here he is with the LeFevre Quartet singing Oh the Glory Did Roll:

Other bloggers have mentioned this, but the addition of Harkey clearly brings EHSS closer to the sound that they had with Tim Duncan. I’m excited to hear and see what’s in store for the future of the group!

YouTube Gem #32: Beautiful Home

Since NQC ’12 ended, one of the sets that has stuck with me was the Jubilee set on Monday night. Maybe my favorite song from that song was Beautiful Home.

I actually had never heard the song before, so tonight I finally decided to do some digging. Turns out its an old Kingsmen song. As I was digging, I found this gem of a video on YouTube. I need someone to verify this, but I believe it’s from their 40th Anniversary taping at NQC ’96.

A number of things struck me as fascinating from this video.

  • Jim Hamill is fun to watch on stage. I especially enjoyed him grabbing Mark at the end.
  • I recognize Anthony Burger, but is that Scoot Shelnut on bass (0:32)? And is that Randy Shelnut, Sr. on the banjo? His mannerisms at 1:13 really remind me of Sr.
  • (1:27) Nice catch, Mark!
  • I never thought about the fact that Mark sang with Ernie Phillips with the Kingsmen, and now sings with Eric in MTQ. I’m sure it’s common knowledge for most, but I didn’t know it.

I enjoyed the song with the Jubilee guys, but this video took my appreciation to a new level. Honestly, I think another group who would do great with this song is MTQ. Not only for the Phillips/Trammell factor, but also because I think this song would fit Pat Barker well, and we all know how Pat feels about songs that feature the bass…

Some Random NQC Observations

It’s been almost a week since NQC ’12 wrapped up. As I’ve been watching the webcast archives and reliving everything all over again, I’ve had random thoughts pop into my head that I felt needed to be written down. I may or may not have covered these points in my nightly recap, so I apologize if you read something from the list already.

  • Chris Allman is the best tenor in Southern Gospel, and I’m not sure it’s even close.
  • I hope they have a Jubilee main stage showcase next year.
  • Most solo acts don’t go over well on main stage, unless limited to just a song or two.
  • Likely the first and last time Jay Leno will be mentioned on main stage.
  • The Best of the Showcases were better than I’ve heard in previous years.
  • There’s a lot of great young artists coming up in SG.
  • Two popular songs right now (I Know A Man Who Can, I Wanna Know) are over 50 years old.
  • Songs sound so much better with live music rather than tracks only.
  • I’m so glad Gerald and others addressed some of the rumors about future NQCs.
  • Canned jokes are about as popular as canned music is.
  • It’s great to see TaRanda Greene back at NQC, and welcomed by artists with open arms.
  • It’s interesting to see how groups use the stage. Some move around more than others.
  • Sometimes the unplanned moments go over better than the planned. (Jim & Melissa Brady set)
  • It’s amazing how a group’s older songs often get a better response than the newer stuff.
  • Will there ever be a NQC without someone singing “Oh, What a Savior”?
  • Thanks for reading!

    MTQ says “Thank You” to Dustin Sweatman

    During NQC week, one of the discussion points during sets by Mark Trammell Quartet was how the guys would pay tribute to departing member Dustin Sweatman, who took a job at Bethel University. Nothing was said on stage, and Dustin left the group quietly it seemed.

    When groups make personnel changes, there are different approaches to how groups handle them. One thing I’ve noticed with MTQ is that they will honor the departing member by showing a video montage at the MTQ Homecoming event. There’s a montage from when Eric left the Trio, and now they’ve done one for Dustin.

    The video montage is a classy way to honor Dustin for his time with MTT/MTQ, and serves as a great way for fans to remember him by. I wish more groups would do something like this.

    NQC Day 5: Comments and Correspondence

    Here’s a synopsis of what my correspondent took in this morning and afternoon.

    The day started early at NCQ because we wanted to hear Dr. David
    Jeremiah, who spoke at 10:30 am. The hall was packed with what I
    estimate must have been between 1,500 amd 2,000 people. He spoke on
    the subject of his new book, God is Love. Prior to his speaking Greater
    Vision sang. Greater Vision and especially Gerald Wolfe have been real
    “workhorses” for most of this convention. Gerald, especially, is
    everywhere, doing everything from radio interviews, MCing, singing, and

    After Dr. Jeremiah, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the
    Gaither Homecoming Sing-a-long, which was like a mini-Homecoming show,
    and a nearly packed house was on hand. Next, at about 2:30 was the
    First Annual NQC Awards Ceremony, which was conducted like the
    Grammys or Oscars, but with better humor and more class. The 10
    nominated songs for Song of the Year each were sung by the artists
    themselves, which was a really nice touch.

    After the awards we caught a bit of the “Fire in the Choir” event,
    which was a choir of over a hundred voices (I presume from several
    churches in the area.) They were quite good. Then we $pent another 45
    minutes in the exhibit call buying product$ (gosh we’ve $pent a lot of
    money in there); grabbed another quick bite for dinner and headed into
    what was to be a nearly 6-1/2 evening concert.

    I’m quite tired tonight, so I’m going to keep my comments brief, but I’m fairly confident we had the moment of the week tonight when Scotty Inman gave an update on his daughter Embry, who is home after being in ICU for the first week of her life. Scotty then delivered a heartfelt a Capella rendition of “Only God Knows.” Here’s some of Rich’s thoughts from the evening.

    Tribute quartet’s “He’s alive, He’s alive” was a big hit with the
    The Dixie Echoes used their two ribbon mics again and repeated
    their 1950s harmony ala Four Freshmen on “If You Know the Lord.” This
    quartet uses only piano and bass, with no drums, which helps one hear
    their excellent harmonizing. As a special feature, one of their
    members played a great lead guitar solo on a “boogie-woogie” number, a
    real treat
    The Taylors were a new young mixed group with great energy.
    The Perrys sang a very jazzy “He is Good to Me,” which was excellent.
    Then Bill Gaither and Friends did about 1-1/2 hours, which included
    Sisters (an excellent a cappella group), the Isaacs, the Nelons, Booth
    Brothers, and finally, the Gaither Vocal Band. GVB started out in a
    complete blackout with a five-part arrangement of “One Voice” (Singing
    in the Darkness)-terrific!
    The Pfeifers inspire the audience with an instrumental/vocal rendition
    of It is Well with My Soul. The trumpet player is excellent!
    The Crist Family (sextet with a lush, sweet sound) came next and were
    sang beautifully. On a side note, they will be performing in Erhard, MN, in
    December. They absolutely nailed “No Other Name.”
    The next groups, Triumphant, Mark Trammel Quartet, and the Hoppers, all
    did their usual fantastic jobs.
    Then, for some reaon, the evening ended with a Christmas set, which
    included one song each from the Hoppers, Crist Family, Greater Vision, &
    Booth Brothers.

    Thanks for reading!

    NQC Music Awards Announced

    Songwriter: Diane Wilkinson
    Les Beasley Impact Award: Enlighten Radio
    Musician: Kim Collingsworth
    Alto: Sheri Easter
    Soprano: Kim Hopper
    Soloist: Jason Crabb
    Bass: Eric Bennett, Triumphant Qt
    Bari: Jim Brady, Booth Bros.
    Lead: Ronnie Booth
    Tenor: David Phelps, Gaither Vocal Band
    Album of the Year: Celebrate Me Home–the Perrys
    Producer/Arranger: Larry Goss
    Concert Promoter: Bill Gaither
    Radio Station: WBOZ (Nashville)
    Mixed Group: The Collingsworth Family
    Male Group: Booth Bros.
    Song of the Year: I Know a Man Who Can (Greater Vision)

    NQC Day 4: Comments and Correspondence

    Here’s the summary from Thursday’s events. I’ll let my correspondent kick things off by discussing the afternoon showcases.

    Okay, on to the events. We arrived again at Noon and were treated to humorous stories about all the odd, funny, and strange things that happen as these groups travel. There were about 16 representatives who sat on stage in a long line and traded stories. They had the whole place in stiches! Such funny things have happened to them. I can’t tell them all here, but I’ll summarize one.

    The Legacy Five often pull into town for a concert and immediately rent a single motel room just to shower and clean up before their concert. They stagger themselves into the room by leaving the door to the room slightly ajar by flipping the metal lever that usually locks the room, leaving it in such a position as to keep the door from closing. One time, the baritone accidently went into such a room and showered in a room that wasn’t theirs. In fact, it was the wrong hotel, which was directly across the street from where their hotel was! I’ve not laughed so hard for a long time.

    Next was the Gaither Vocal Band Reunion. Wow was there ever a lot of GVB alumni! They sang in various combinations, and also as a mini-chorus. Bill gave a history of how the various men arrived into the GVB and where they are now. About ten or more men sang solos. The event was very well attended. The next event was a Christian comedian (a former pastor) who was very good and entertained the audience for about an hour.

    Thanks once again Rich! More from him later…

    I didn’t watch the webcast as much as the first few nights, but I saw enough to get some definite impressions. The Talleys were probably my favorite set of the night. I think Brian Alvey, who missed their first set of the week due to college classes, adds a lot to the overall sound of the group. And his testimony which led into “That’s Why I Love Him So” was a touching story that I don’t think many people knew about, so I respect him for telling everybody.

    Brian’s former group Tribute Quartet was another one of my favorites, but that’s probably no surprise since they’re one of my favorite quartets. This was their first set of the week, and it was very strong. After opening with likely their usual concert opener “Thank the Lord,” they sang the first single off the new project (“Homesick Angel”), a highly requested song from last year’s main stage appearance “Homecoming Day,” and probably their most anticipated song from their new project “Good News From Jerusalem”.

    Finally, I actually enjoyed the Booth Brothers set quite a bit too. Their last song “Played in the Band” was probably encored a little too much (4 times!), but the audience ate it up as usual!

    Here are thoughts on tonight from our correspondent.

    The evening concert went about 5-1/2 hours tonight, and had only two male quartets, since last night was “Quartet Night.” Here are my highlights:
    Tribute quartet – young and with great blend, without a screaming tenor
    Colingsworth Family – Mom was Amazing on piano and brought the house down with Battle Hymn. Family sings great, too.
    The McKameys are interesting vocally. They have a VERY pointed sound that could peel paint off your kitchen wall. I wonder if they come from the same part of the country as the Primitives!!!
    Jacon Crabb just lit up the place.
    Dr. David Jeremiah stopped in and spoke briefly. We all noticed he has a new book out.
    The Booth Bros. sang a song (don’t know if it’s new or not) but it was so well received they did 4 or 5 reprises! Hook line was: “Play in the band, Write a new song, & Sing in the choir.”
    The Talley’s had a great blend and I enjoyed their quartet very much.
    By the time the Kingdom Heirs and Karen Peck & New River got on stage I was numb. They were good, but my bottom told my brain not to care.

    I’ll close out the post tonight with some friendly advice from Rich for those who may attend next year.

    I just got back to the hotel late Thursday night after our third straight night of 5-hour concerts. Frankly, my “sitter” feels mistreated. If anyone comes to NQC in the future and wants to take in several consecutive nights of the looooong evening concerts, I’d advise bringing along extra cushioning for the seats. I’ve noticed that many more experienced butts came more prepared than ours did! Another piece of advice is to bring ear plugs. The AVERAGE decibel reading on my iPhone’s db reader is 95! That is simply not healthy.

    Thanks for reading!