YouTube Gem(s) #14: Ryan Seaton

The buzz surrounding Ryan Seaton seems to have died off a little. However, he is still on the road traveling and doing concerts. I found a video today of him singing “Please Forgive Me” at a recent concert.

Watching this video makes me believe even stronger than before that Ryan belongs in a southern gospel quartet. This song has been sung by a few of the most powerful SG lead singers (though English is not what he once was), and I believe this rendition puts Ryan right up in that same category with Michael and Jason for this song.

Another video that really impresses me was this next one. The church was having technical difficulties with the sound equipment, so Ryan decided to have Sue Dodge accompany him on the piano while he sang an unplanned version of “Going Home”. Not having a mic made no difference for Ryan here, as he was still able to belt out the words to this classic song. Technical difficulties can sometimes affect a singer’s performance and stage presence, so this video was refreshing to watch and listen to.

I can’t wait for the day to come when Ryan either joins a quartet or starts one of his own. That voice of his becomes even more powerful when there are three other guys standing beside him.


5 thoughts on “YouTube Gem(s) #14: Ryan Seaton

  1. Josh,

    There are clips of the “Ryan Seaton Quartet” on YouTube. The bass is Aaron McCune (Gold City, Palmetto State), baritone is Andrew Goldman (Conquerors of Evansville, IN) and the tenor is Toby Hitchcock.

    • Yes, I am aware of that. However, these guys have only appeared at a few select concerts, and I was talking about a more permanent position in a quartet. I would have no problem with these four guys going full-time together, but I don’t believe that is in their plans for the time being..

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